Full Disclosure

The name, business of the firm and address at which it is established:

Citrus Loans is a trading style of Aspire Money Limited, which is a registered loan broker in England, company number 06457376

The registered address is: Unit 1, Castle Court, Castle Gate Way, Dudley, DY1 4RH.

Where the firm has a representative established in the Consumer's EEA State of residence, the name of that representative and the geographical address relevant for the customer's relations with that representative:

Not applicable

Where the consumer's dealings are with any professional other than the firm, the identity of that professional, the capacity in which he is acting with respect to the consumer, and the geographical address relevant to the consumer's relations with that professional:

Not applicable

The particulars of the public register in which the firm is entered, its registration number in that register and the particulars of the relevant supervisory authority:

The firm is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are currently on the Financial Services Register under the Firms reference number: 681346

We also hold a Data Protection License with the Information Commissioners Office and are currently on the Data Protection Register under the number: Z1262766. The Data Controller is Aspire Money Limited

Information about the financial service

A description of the main characteristics of the service the firm will provide:

The firm is a loan broker who offers solutions in the personal finance market. We will assess your application, based upon the information you have or will provide, for suitable financial products. Our experience in the loans market allows us to help customers have the best possible journey from the moment they start their loan application right through to getting the funds in their bank account. We never forget that you the customer are the main focus of what we do as a business.

We will not be giving you advice or making any recommendations, but we will need to ask you some questions based on your needs and circumstances. This will allow us to identify which one of our products we will provide details on. Once you have all the information you need to make your own decision on whether you want to apply. We only provide loan options from lenders on our panel where you meet their criteria from which you can make an informed decision on which is the right loan option for you. A list of the lenders that you meet criteria with can be provided to you on request.

The total price to be paid by the consumer to the firm for the financial service, including all related fees, charges, expenses and commissions:

We do not charge any upfront fees. If we are successful in finding you a financial product then on completion of any loan application with the provider we will derive our income from commissions paid by the finance lenders which may be up to an average of 9%. In some instances a broker fee is paid only on completion of your loan. Where this is the case a customer will be informed.

Where relevant, notice indicating that the service is related to instruments involving special risks related to their specific features or the operations to be executed, or whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial markets outside the firm's control and that past performance is no indicator of future performance:

By proceeding with your application you are confirming that you consent of all persons named on the application to act and accept these terms and conditions on their behalf and in doing so give consent to us, our lenders and any associated companies to process yours and their data in the ways described below:

In order to provide the service you have requested we will process your information and share it with our panel of lenders, other brokers and any other third party we believe may be able to help you.

In order to assess creditworthiness, verify identities, prevent financial crime and so we can find the right lender for your circumstances, our lenders may do a full credit search (application search) on you and anyone to whom you are financially linked which only those searched will be able to see.

If you choose to proceed with a loan we identify for you, the selected lender may perform further checks. This will be to verify credit worthiness, verify identities and prevent financial crime. In this instance the credit reference agency may add the details of this search which may be seen by other organisations that make searches and who may use it to help make credit decisions, to prevent financial crime or to trace debtors however this depends on which lender may be able to assist you.

Information held about applicants by credit reference agencies may already be linked to records related to one or more of your partners or members of your household. As a result any application you make may be treated as financially linked and the application may be assessed with reference to any 'associated' records. To ensure we are speaking to the right person, identifying you when you contact us will be important and will ensure we satisfy our regulatory obligations.

Before signing any documentation please read the following statement:

You agree that we may process, use, record and disclose your personal information as described above. Our lenders may use automated credit scoring systems when assessing your application. We and our lenders may disclose your personal information to credit reference agencies. Information held by credit reference agencies may be linked to other people with whom you have financial associations. The lenders may look at their records when assessing your application. If your application is not accepted, we will assess your eligibility for a product issued by another lender and may pass your personal information to such a lender. To assist that lender in establishing your eligibility for credit, it will also pass your personal information to credit reference agencies.

To improve the quality of our service, we may record all calls for compliance and training purposes.

Notice of the possibility that other taxes or costs may exist that are not paid via the firms or imposed by it:

Not applicable 

Any limitation on the period for which the information provided is valid, including a clear explanation as to how long the firms offer applies as it stands:

The firm will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of loan quotes provided. Quotes are based on the latest information available from the lenders at the time we speak to you and may change as all loan quotes provided are subject to further checks. The lenders do however reserve the right to change the APR rates and underwriting criteria without notice. Should this occur, it may result in a change to the loan you have been offered or may result in the loan offer being withdrawn.

The accuracy of any loan quote will depend upon the accuracy of the information you have provided. The firm and its panel of lenders will conduct checks to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided. If information you have provided changes as a result of these checks, the original loan offer may be changed or withdrawn.

You will be asked to agree that all information given is true and not misleading and authorise us to make any enquiries, including the authorities, which we consider to be necessary for confirmation of any details. You will be asked to acknowledge that to forge a signature may make you liable to criminal prosecution.

Under normal circumstance we would expect your loan application, from submitting your application to receiving your loan funds to take anything from 1 hour of completing the application to 2 weeks depending on the lender that is able to assist you as well as the financial solution chosen for you. We will only provide this information as a guide. Any delay in the returning of loan documents, proof of income or identification and/or delays with any third party we or the lender may need to contact you in order to process your application which may result in your application taking longer to complete.

Your loan application with the firm and any of our trading styles is valid for up to 30 days, if you decide to take up any of the offers available to you after the 30 days, you may be required to complete a new application with us.

The arrangements for payment and performance:

Not applicable

Details of any specific additional costs to the consumer for using means of distance communication:

You will receive your credit agreement either by post or email which you will be notified of in the form of a telephone call, text message or in the post but these forms of communication will depend on the preference of the lender you meet criteria with. You will be made aware by the lender of any charges/fees/commissions involved.

Information about your credit agreement

The existence or absence of any right to cancel and, where there is such a right, its duration and the conditions for exercising it, including information on the amount which the consumer may be required to pay, as well as the consequences of not exercising the right to cancel:

The lenders that you meet criteria with will explain any cancellation rights in your credit agreement so please ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the credit agreement before you make your final decision.

All details about your loan option/offer will be displayed in your credit agreement so please ensure that you read this so that you are aware of all costs involved and the duration of the credit agreement.

The minimum duration of the contract, in the case of services to be performed permanently or recurrently:

Not applicable

Information on any rights the parties may have to terminate the contract early or unilaterally under its terms, including any penalties imposed by the contract in such cases:

You also need to ensure that you read any statements in regards to early settlement, redemption fees or the penalties for missed payments so that you are aware of the process the lender will follow should you default on the repayments of the loan.

Practical instructions for exercising any right to cancel, including the address to which any cancellation notice should be sent:

You credit agreement will inform you of your cancellation rights, ensure that you make a separate note of the contact details of the lender you have decided to take up the loan with so that you can contact them directly should you wish to cancel your credit agreement.

Should you decide to cancel your loan application with Citrus Loans you can contact us on 020 3915 9996 or you can send us a contact us form through our website: enquiries@citrusloans.co.uk or https://www.citrusloans.co.uk/contact-us

The EEA state or states whose laws are taken by the firm as a basis for the establishment of relations with the consumer prior to the conclusion of the contract:

Not applicable

Any contractual clause on the law applicable to the contract or on the competent court, or both:

Not applicable

In which language or languages the contractual terms and conditions and the other information in this Annex will be supplied:

The credit agreement will be in plain English.

How to complain to the firm, whether complaints may subsequently be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service:

A guide to our Complaints Procedure:

We aim to provide you services that meet your needs, putting you as a customer first at all times. Even the best organisations sometimes make mistakes and if we do, or we fail to meet your expectations in some way, we want the opportunity to put things right as quickly as possible.

Contact us as soon as possible, either via phone on 020 3915 9994 or via our "contact us" submission form (place form to submission form here), or by writing to:

The Complaints Department
Citrus Loans
PO Box 15799, Solihull, B93 3GA

We will acknowledge your complaint promptly in writing and will include written details of our complaints handling procedures. We shall resolve it at the earliest opportunity with the aim of doing so within 8 weeks of receipt.

Where we are able to provide a final response immediately, the acknowledgement may be combined with the final response. You will be kept informed of the progress of the investigation.

If you are not happy with our firms response, if we reject your complaint or you do not hear from us within 8 weeks, the Financial Ombudsman Service may be able to help you.

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London, E14 9SR
Tel: 0845 080 1800

It's a free, independent service for settling disputes between financial services firms and their customers. It can deal with complaints about a wide range of financial matters.

The Financial and Ombudsman Service will contact us to explain the details around your complaint and then decide whether to uphold your complaint.

It is important you contact the Financial Ombudsman Service within 6 months of receiving a final response from the firm, or it may not be able to deal with your complaint.

Your opinion is very important to us. Listening to your views helps us develop our company processes and enhances how we deal with customers.

Please email enquiries@citrusloans.co.uk with any feedback you may have.

Whether compensation may be available from the compensation scheme, or any other named compensation scheme, if the firm is unable to meet its liabilities:

Not applicable