FAQ - Application Process

Who can apply for a loan through Citrus Loans?

We welcome applications from customers who are 18+ and are currently resident in the UK. We process 1000s of applications each week from customers with a diverse range of financial backgrounds and credit profiles. We pride ourselves in helping customers who have previously been refused a loan elsewhere.

How do I apply for a loan through Citrus Loans?

To apply for a loan through Citrus Loans please complete the online application form. Alternatively you can call us directly on 020 3915 9996 or get in touch via the Contact Us page. We will work with you to complete the relevant information on your application and submit it to our lending panel to get you an instant decision.

How long will it take to find out about the outcome of my application?

If you apply through our website with a complete application form, we will submit your application to our lending panel and provide you with an instant decision. In some cases, we may need to call you first to clarify some details before submitting your application and providing you with an instant decision.

If I am approved for a loan, how long will it take to receive funds in my account?

Once you are approved, depending on the lender and whether any additional checks are required, the fund can be paid into your account in as little as four hours.

What if I am not approved for a loan?

We process 1000s of applications every week and take pride in being able to find a financial solution to customers from a diverse financial background. If we are unable to find you an unsecured personal loan, we will work with our lending panel to try to find you a solution that meets your financial needs.

Do I have to take up the loan offer?

If you receive an offer from one of the lenders on our panel there is no obligation to take up the offer. However, should you decide to take up the offer at a later date, the offer may change depending on your circumstances.

Why do you require my bank details?

You do not need to provide your bank account details immediately when completing the application form. However, we request your details when completing the application form to minimise any delay in paying out the loan.