Engagement rings: How to cut costs and keep the magic

Engagement rings have something of an infamous reputation in the modern world! They’re beautiful, worthy and important investments, but it’s increasingly common to see couples opt for cheaper options in terms of style.

The good news? You can seriously cut costs on your engagement ring – without having to sacrifice on the quality and magic! While there are certainly affordable alternatives to traditional diamond rings, you can also use the tips the Citrus team is outlining in today’s article to trim your expenses down.

With a little care and attention, you’ll be well on your way to a great result – without breaking the bank. Here’s our advice on the matter.

Budget in advance

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? And yet, every year, besotted couples opt for impulse and buy an engagement ring on short notice! As goes with popping the question itself, you’ll do well by planning in advance when you expect to buy your engagement ring.

A little cursory research early on will help you ‘scope’ your purchase, giving you a sound ballpark from which to plan your daily budgeting and saving. It’s time well spent.

Consider a vintage ring

Our tastes change over time, and we see individual preferences form trends as a country and beyond. One definite shift in buying preferences for engagement rings is the choice by many to buy a vintage item!

While many couples might prefer an original, unused ring, the ‘vintage’ option – a much more pleasant way of saying a ring that is used – is tempting indeed. By going vintage, you can still access the desirable diamond engagement ring market, but at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a great idea if you’ve got your heart set on a classic ring, but are a little tight on the budgetary side of things.

You can also look at using heirloom items. Hand me downs from your family are perfectly beautiful and practical choices for a ring and may simply require a little refitting and refurbishment – at minimal cost – to look just as great as a new item.

Buy during the Summer period

Interestingly, you can take advantage of seasonal trends in engagement rings to save some serious cash. If you’re looking to buy a ring new, plan your budget to get shopping during summer. As weddings are most popular during the Summer season, it follows that most proposals are done during Winter and Christmas.

By flipping this and purchasing your ring during the period where others are having their actual weddings, you can take advantage of reduced costs in your purchase. You can then either have your wedding in the off-season to save even more money or simply wait a little longer for your special Summer day.


We’re a little bashful about the art of negotiation in the UK! In truth, it’s a normal part of everyday life across the world – and it applies to your engagement ring too.

When you’re shopping for your ring, test the waters. You can ask small initial questions that will help you to gauge how receptive the establishment you’re buying from is to negotiation. Consider opening with questions on total cost, payment options and any reductions that might be possible.

By gradually easing into the subject of haggling, you can make the process feel a lot less confrontational and awkward as many fear it to be. Remember, the people you’re buying from are used to it! There’s no shame in looking to save money, and you’d be amazed at how much you can cut from your final cost.

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