Changing how you view money could save you shocking amounts. Here’s how.

Money: we all think about it in our own particular ways. When it comes to saving more of it – and spending what we have smarter – though, we tend to fall short.

In this article, the Citrus team are going to talk about how you can save more and live a better life by changing how you think about money entirely. It’s an interesting read, so keep scrolling down!

Here’s what we’re talking about

Most people view savings as a chore. It’s common for people to feel like they’re throwing money into a pot, and that they might never even see the benefits of it before it’s too late for them.

It’s understandable. We value our immediate gratification, and there’s plenty on our personal wish lists that we’d just love to buy right now.

What we’re suggesting here is a little bit more than just gritting your teeth and saving.

At its core, the premise is this: Money isn’t numbers, it’s freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want. Freedom to choose that new job that’s been offered to you, and freedom even to retire early if you so desire.

Freedom to live a better life

You can see where we’re going here, perhaps.

Instead of thinking about money going into a hole you’ll never see again, think about options. Looking to the future, it’s a safe bet you’ll have new hobbies, opportunities and investments come up that don’t exist now.

By viewing every saving made as an investment into your future freedom – instead of a number on a bank statement – you can reinforce the idea mentally that you’re doing a great thing that will let you live your best life.

In a way, this is a liberating thought. You’re not just piling up Pounds; you’re adding more and more to the ability to live exactly the life you want, how you want it.

The freedom to be spontaneous

There’s a great saying that applies in finance as it does in life: ‘Luck is being prepared enough to take advantage of opportunity’.

By saving money regularly, you aren’t just clocking numbers. You’re directly increasing your ability to live life to its fullest. It’s the difference between snapping up a cheap flight to your dream destination or being able to invest in a property when prices in the market are at their best for you.

Look back to look ahead

It’s fair to say that this concept can be hard to grasp; you’re basing it all on things you don’t know about yet!

You can make this idea more digestible by looking back. We all have times where we’ve seen a great deal, or been presented with a wonderful opportunity that we can’t afford at the time. It’s so common, those instances are easy to forget.

Think instead about what could have been if you had saved enough to truly make a free decision. That holiday, that car, that new job opportunity could have been a single opportunity that may have changed your life entirely.

The point here isn’t to think about it in terms of regret but in terms of opportunity and motivation. If you can think of five things last year you couldn’t afford but would have loved to do, you can turn that on its head and use it as motivation to save even harder so you can embrace future opportunities.

A change of view for the better

It’s quite an exciting thought, isn’t it?

By equating money with freedom instead of figures in an account, the wonderful things you could embrace and achieve become that much more real and tangible.

We hope you’ve found today’s blog from the Citrus team exciting and interesting. We’re here regularly to post thought-provoking articles on how to live your best life, so stick around!

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