Don’t get caught by these commonly forgotten wedding expenses!

Getting married is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – and some people have been planning their special day forever!

However, there are a few things that can easily be overlooked if you aren’t careful, and you won’t want those costs creeping up on you on that special day.

While it may not be the most romantic endeavour, many couples will have a detailed budget when a wedding is approaching – it’s simply worth doing.

No matter how well you plan, there is always a high chance you could forget something seemingly small that could impact your budget in a big way. There are a few hidden expenses that occur at nearly every wedding, so we’re here to walk you through them so they don’t catch you out on the big day.

Day-of Stationary

You have the date cards, RSVPs, invitations, and that you sorted – that’s a lot of already-expensive custom card and paper!

But what about on-the-day stationery, such as programs, place cards and menus? It’s easy to overlook these after working so hard on the pre-event send-outs. They may seem like a few bits of paper, but end up more expensive than you may think. Speaking of pre and post-event stationary…

Postage Fees

So, the invitations are ready to send to all your guests, but have you budgeted for postage?

A first-class stamp costs 65p – depending on how many people you are inviting, this can really add up! It’s important to budget for anything that needs to be sent via post, including pre-wedding bachelorette or bachelor party invites.


Flowers are a big part of wedding celebrations, a big part of wedding celebrations, and yours is likely not an exception – flowers are often 10% of a wedding budget! Discuss with your florist how much you are willing to spend so as to manage expectations and get the correct arrangements for you.

Flowers are very sensitive to changes in temperature, so most florists would suggest you have some spare to refresh wedding day arrangements.

Remember that flowers are seasonal - sourcing flowers that are in-season (or All Year Round) and grown locally will cut down on costs and ensure they are the longest-lasting throughout your big day. Remember, you can’t throw a bouquet if there’s no bouquet to throw!

Marriage License

Now this one might seem a given – but the prices may be a surprise to you and your other half.

The fee for marriage will likely be £35 eachbut will be more if your partner is from another country. The certificate itself will cost £5 on the day of the event or £10 after – and that’s if you only want one copy. The whole process can easily cost upwards of £100.

Feeding everyone

Catering for all your guests is a large part of any wedding budget – but don’t forget about your own needs, and include yourselves in the relevant headcounts.

It’s going to be a long day for both of you, so ensure that you are fed throughout. Also, not to be forgotten are photographers, videographers, and the minister, and any entertainers at the venue – it’s important that these people are fed as well as paid throughout the day, as they will be at the venue for hours on end!


You’d surely like to make an entrance at your own wedding, so hiring a car is a popular option. These generally charge by the hour and vary wildly depending on the make and model of the car.

Using multiple cars will increase the price, but many companies do package deals for multiple vehicles. Distance is also a factor – many companies will allow you the first 40 miles from their base, but will charge mileage after that. It’s important to check factors such as this with the vendor.

It’s likely most of your guests will be responsible for how they get to and from your wedding. However, this is the party of your lives – there are likely to be guests who get stuck on the way to or from the venue, or enjoy themselves a bit too much and require a taxi or Uber fare. It’s best to be safe and include this in the budget.

With all these potential budget issues avoided, you can get on with enjoying your perfect day perfectly!

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